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Installation of system CPROXY

The installation of CPROXY system is executed by running the file CPSETUP.EXE which you got from our server after the registration. The installation is very simple. It is fully developed in English, is managed even by users with no experience, and therefore we don’t consider as necessary to describe it in detail.

After the CPROXY application has been successfully ran and installed, you will find the CPROXY system’s icon in the system tray on the main panel of the Start Menu of your Microsoft Windows system.

Tray icon CPROXY

Now it is important to accomplish the basic settings for CPROXY. After right clicking on the CPROXY icon, you will see a context menu (see the picture) in which you will select the option Display. It will show you a window to set CPROXY in which you will find the user’s information in the Settings section. If you are already registered , choose user ID and enter the data you received through email after the registration process in the right fields. If you are not registered, choose try demo account and you will be able to use CPROXY with certain limitations in a DEMO version. Press Apply to save your settings. This will end the initial setting of CPROXY system. Now you can try your upgraded usage of the Internet.

Nastavení uživatele CPROXY

According to your requirements about the operation of all services from your connection to the Internet through CPROXY, execute the right settings according to the following instructions:

     Setting your browser
     Settings for electronic mailing (POP3/SMTP)

Do you have any problem or question about the setting of your computer to connect to the Internet through CPROXY? Visit our website discussion forum or feel free to contact us.

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